Explore THE SUNDAY DINNER EXPERIENCE™ using Melly's Meatball Mix
Melly's homemade meatball mix

Taste the flavors of Italy. Using Nonna's meatball recipe

Everything you need to make the perfect meatballs & more!

Authentic Italian Meals
Easy & Versatile Cooking
Regular &
Certified Gluten-Free
homemade meatball mix

Seriously Authentic!

  • We premeasured Nonna's meatball recipe and crafted our mix to make 18 perfectly authentic meatballs EVERY time!

  • Learn authentic dishes our family cooks every Sunday!

Enjoy delicious meals without the flare-ups.

  • Eat and feel better with a blend developed and tested by a gluten-free expert.

  • Save time and stress in the kitchen while enjoying healthy family meals.

  • Make more than meatballs—our mix can be used in any dish that calls for breading!

NONa's recipe in a bag

Savor Nonna’s authentically delicious Italian recipe, minus the gluten. Simply add ground beef, milk, and eggs. Besides an extra dash of your favorite seasonings, our mix doesn’t require anything else!

Learn how to make our classic meatballs in five easy steps!

Melly's gluten free meatball mix

Sunday Dinner Experience

Need ideas and inspiration to get started? Bring back family dinnertime with simple, authentic Italian meals—gluten-free and curated by Melly! Each box contains recipes, pasta, a wine pairing, and inspiration from a different region of Italy.

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alla Lazio

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alla Tuscany


alla Campania

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