HOmemade meatball MIX

Family Recipe
Bringing Sunday Dinner into EVERY home 
Whether you need REGULAR or GLUTEN FREE, we have you covered


If you are Italian, you know the smell of sautéed onions and sausage as you woke meant it was Sunday!


The aroma filled the house as each meal started to be prepped... and that was before the second cup of coffee!

As 1:00 pm approached, you stopped everything to gather together at Nana's house for Sunday Dinner.  The spread of cheese, pepperoni and suprossata as an appetizer was just as delicious as it was impressive.

Nana was known for her cooking, especially her meatballs.  In fact, you would find her after church on a Sunday handing them out to a selective few.  and if you were invited to Sunday Dinner, you were envied by everyone! :)

I found myself, though, feeling extremely tired after the meal.  I had no idea that gluten was affecting my body. Having Crohn's disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity meant no more bread, no more pasta and no more meatballs at Sunday Dinner! What was I going to do without meatballs?!?

I am thankful to have learned to cook Italian from the best. I knew if I took Nana's meatball recipe and perfected it for gluten free, this mix would solve a huge problem.  And it did!  Little did I know an equal amount of people wanted regular as well.  I mean.. I can't blame them.  Being able to make Nana's meatballs, in half the time, perfectly is a no brainer.  Try it for yourself! I know you will feel the same way!


Wearing many hats can be stressful.. but prepping dinner shouldn't be! Especially, Sunday Dinner. Our REGULAR and GLUTEN FREE mix allows everyone to be included, no matter what your dietary needs are.

I'm sure anyone can attest to being around family and friends is important! It's part of our DNA.  It is proven, good relationships can play a key role in our mental health. We have all experienced this to some degree during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Our mission at Melly's Meatball Mix is to bring Sunday Dinner into EVERY home, while giving a percentage of our proceeds to organizations for Learning Disabilities & ADHD.

Create your OWN Sunday Dinner experience, in 1/2 the time! 

The fondest memories are made

when gathered around the table



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