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Where Italian tradition meets food sensitivities


As someone who has suffered with Crohn’s and a non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS), I know what it’s like to live with the chronic pain and discomfort. I quickly learned that NCGS are often overlooked.  Unfortunately, this prevents people struggling with NCGS from speaking up, even when their testing shows significance. 


Have you ever watched the movie, “Divergent”?  I would often joke with my husband that I was divergent.  I thought differently and approached situations in a different manner than most. Similar to a web browser, my brain constantly has many tabs open. Often labeled as a dreamer, aka ‘What is Melissa up to now”, I quickly learned to embrace this as my strength and found there actually is a term coined for this, called Neuro-Divergent.  I knew it!!


Going gluten-free helped me not only to manage my gluten sensitivity, but also had a positive impact on my learning disabilities, including ADHD, comprehension issue and slight dyslexia. These life-changing results drove me to learn more. I decided to train under Dr. Tom O’Brien to become a Gluten-Free Practitioner and also become a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, with the mission of educating and helping those who deal with these often-invisible illnesses and symptoms. ‘


Once I understood that I had NCGS, I realized that although gluten free foods were becoming more mainstream, they didn’t always taste so great AND there weren’t any good gluten free meatballs!


I started experimenting with different gluten free blends, tweaking it to get it as close to Nana's without compromising the taste.

After a year of tweaking the recipe and sending many samples to a food scientist and labs for a safe, fresh shelf stable product, The Meatball Mix was birthed.

Melly’s Meatballs Mix OR “Nonna’s Recipe In a Bag” is authentically delicious and ridiculous easy to make. Our bag has premeasured ingredients to solve the problem of not knowing how many ingredients to add.

In just 5 easy steps, you can make authentic gluten free meatballs in ½ the time with NO PINTEREST FAIL!

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