Where Italian tradition meets food sensitivities


Sunday dinner became a staple in our family.  It was time to gather together, eating great Italian food and building many memories.


Even though I had Crohn's Disease as a teenager, it wasn't until my latter years that gluten became problematic for me.  I would get nauseous, headaches, severe stomach pain, gas, bloating (I looked 5 months pregnant) brain fog and more.  In an effort to feel better, I began to do lots of research. I learned that eliminating gluten helped bring my body back into balance. This journey also led me to go back to school to study functional diagnostic nutrition.


As I started taking over Sunday dinners, carrying on the traditions of Nonna, I would often make two meals;  all the delicious recipes that Nonna handed down and then gluten free options for me and my kids.  If you have Celiac or a gluten sensitivity like me, you understand how difficult it is. Cross-contamination, can get you very sick.


I started experimenting with different gluten free blends, tweaking it to get it as close to Nana's without compromising the taste. The true test came when I put out my gluten free meatballs at Sunday dinner, as an experiment without them knowing, and waited patiently for their reactions.  They loved them!  Not one person knew they were gluten free.  


I was soon asked to cater for some events and also did a gluten free Italian meal delivery.  One day someone said, "I wish I could make these meatballs!". 


Then it dawned on me!  What if I could create a mix that would make it convenient and easy for someone to make so they felt in control of making gluten free meatballs?  What if I could create a mix that people with gluten sensitivity or Celiac Disease could eat without worrying they'd get sick? 


After a year of tweaking the recipe and sending many samples to a food scientist and labs for a safe, fresh shelf stable product, The Meatball Mix was birthed.