The Sunday Dinner Experience:

Bring Back Family Dinnertime with Simple, Authentic Meals.


Each box contains recipes from different region in Italy. 

Which region do you want to explore?

Do you ever feel like all you do is run from one activity and obligation to the next? What happened to quality family time around the dinner table? In our fast-paced world, slowing down to enjoy one another’s company and a home-cooked meal is rare.


That’s why I am on a mission to revive Sunday Dinner! In my quest to help folks gather ‘round the table more often, I created The Sunday Dinner Experience. Make cooking a fun-filled family activity once more, then taste an authentic Italian meal using Melly’s Meatball Mix (good for so much more than meatballs!) and simple ingredients. 


While we like Sunday, you can choose the family dinner day that works best for you. After all, any time spent with loved ones is time well spent.



Each box contains recipes, pasta, a wine pairing, and inspiration from a different region of Italy. Don’t worry too much about your cooking skills—each meal was developed with busy families in mind, so they’re simple enough for chefs of all levels to make.


Get ready for your foray into traditional homemade Italian food with some of my very own family recipes!


Please note: For a fully gluten-free (GF) meal, simply select your preference at checkout to receive GF meatball mix and pasta.

Box 1: Dine alla Lazio

Italy’s Lazio region, which includes Rome, is known for simple, traditional cuisine. Many dishes are characterized by the use of ingredients like guanciale, a cured meat with a more robust flavor and more delicate texture than pancetta, and Romano and ricotta cheeses.


Subscription box includes:

  • Appetizer Recipe: Suppli’ al Telefono

  • Entrée Recipe: Bucatini all’Amatriciana with Mini Meatballs

  • Dessert Recipe: Ciambellini

  • 2 Packages of Melly’s Meatball Mix

  • 1 Package of Bucatini

  • History of Food Card

  • 1 Bottle of Wine from the Lazio region curated by Melly + description card

  • Wine Pairing Card

The Sunday Dinner Experience Month 1: Lazio.jpg

Box 2: Dine alla Tuscany

Located in central Italy, Tuscany is renowned for its Chianti wine and fresh, simple ingredients. Tuscan dishes are light yet packed with rich flavor! All meals are served with a plain white loaf of bread and olive oil for dipping. The region is also known for its rich game, particularly wild boar, hare, deer, and pheasant.


Subscription box includes:

  • Appetizer Recipe: Panzanella Salad with Breaded Chicken Cutlets

  • Entrée Recipe: Pappa al Pomodoro

  • Dessert Recipe: Torte di Mele

  • 2 Packages of Melly’s Meatball Mix

  • History of Food Card

  • 1 Bottle of Wine from the Tuscany region curated by Melly + description card

  • Wine Pairing Card

Box 3: Dine alla Campania

The Italian coastal region of Campania is ripe with fine seafood and buffalo mozzarella cheese. Then there’s Naples, home to fantastic pizza and perfectly-cooked spaghetti. The rich, flavorful sauces are thanks to the Campanian sun, which helps grow some of the juiciest, tastiest tomatoes in the world.


Subscription box includes:

  • Appetizer Recipe: Italian Wedding Soup

  • Entrée Recipe: Nana’s Sauce, Meatballs, Chicken Cutlets & Fried Eggplant

  • Dessert Recipe: Struffoli

  • 2 Packages of Melly’s Meatball Mix

  • 1 Package of Spaghetti

  • 1 Bottle of Limoncello + recipe card (Campania also grows huge, juicy lemons!)

  • Limoncello quote magnet

Are you ready to rediscover that bonding time in the kitchen and at the table?